I haven't felt this healthy in YEARS ", "I am filled with energy, excitement and love - focusing on doing as much good as I can in the world

– Lynn, 1:1 Client

Jason P.

Renee W.

Chris G.

Jen H.

"I truly enjoy the fact that she understands everyone is different and, even in a group setting, will focus on each person's individual need"

Jennifer M.

"Since the beginning my weight was 152. I am 146 today. :) I am excited. I have not seen 145 in about 6 years.. so close! then to continue. I'm finding it easier to pass on sweets now too!"

Elysa C.

"I feel great, no more nausea or bloating, my cravings for sweets and carbs have diminished a lot and I am committed to keeping this weight off, how could I not want to feel this fantastic every day!?"

Karen B.

"She helped me see where my behaviors and habits come from and how to change them. She has also provided so many easy to use and helpful tools along the way."

Melissa S.

"Andrea is responsive, honest, kind, and so supportive and helpful throughout this journey I couldn’t ask for any other person to support me throughout my weight loss.", If you are interested in weight loss and beginning a health journey that will last a lifetime, I highly suggest booking Andrea and her company!"

Patricia, Lost 33 pounds after 5 months

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