Get clear on your goals, learn what prevented you from reaching them and receive a 5-step weight loss blueprint.

Looking to lose weight and find out what eating and lifestyle habits work for YOU?


Tried every diet but nothing seems to work?


Wanna get over those cravings once and for all?


Wanting to feel more confident  in your body?


Need results fast?


Apply for a free "Weight Loss Blueprint" consultation with internationally renowned weight loss and emotional eating coach, Andrea Caprio and her team.


Get your 5-step blueprint to help you lose weight and keep it off, even if you are busy and have tried everything else.


I haven't felt this healthy in YEARS ", "I am filled with energy, excitement and love - focusing on doing as much good as I can in the world

– Lynn, 1:1 Client

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Interested to improve your health and well-being and finally be free of pain and shame, and keep it that way?


We see so many people struggle with endless ups and downs. They try everything and nothing helps, they only get worse and end up being chronically ill, taking pills just to get worse. 


Working with all our clients on the root cause of the issues, we see results and they keep it that way even after they worked with us. 


The way we work with our clients really helps them to repair what's broken, no matter if on a physical or emotional level, and we teach them the right habits, so it's not a thing of willpower or guess work anymore. 


Our clients are all busy people who have no time. We help them to create more time for themselves so they can do more fun things and become more productive too.


Putting together all we have learnt over the past years, is now part of our successful coaching programs and you can get a glimpse and learn our best strategies.




Fill in a short form and if a good fit, book a "weight loss blueprint" consultation helping you to learn what has been standing in the way of your perfect weight and how to finally get there.


Together we explore the root-causes of your health or weight issues and discover how to overcome limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. 


Learning how to implement healthier habits and sticking to them can be easy, even if you have no willpower.


Find out our 5 simple step system leading to more fulfilment and confidence in your life.


And if you are interested, we would love to discuss how we can work together to help you at a deeper level and accelerate your journey to achieve your weight and health goals.


So you can get results like my other clients who  have been able to:

- Lose weight, often 20-50 pounds and more

- Achieve their fat-loss goals

- Overcome their emotional eating issues

- Improve their chronic conditions

- Stop taking chronic medication

(after a clean bill of health from their doctors of course)

- Be free of pain and shame

- And finally live a life of their dreams.


Ready to get started?


Fill in a short form that gives you your perfect weight loss solution and, if it's right, book a "Weight Loss Blueprint" consultation with one of our coaches. 


This is a 1on1 consultation dedicated to you and improving your particular weight and health issues. 


During this consultation you will get clarity about your goals, what prevented you from reaching them and get my 5-steps action plan forward. 


Not only will you be able to have a clear path forward to improving your health and weight issues, if it is a good fit, we can offer a solution to cut the learning curve and help you get things rolling adapted to your situation. 


You will look back on it as the turning point in your health journey.  


    We currently have only a few spots remaining for these eye-opening sessions. 


If during the application, we find there is a better solution for you, we will lead you in the right direction.

Andrea is Simply AMAZING and a Compassionate Intuitive Human Being, she listened attentively and asked the Right Questions. I would Highly Highly recommend Andrea to Anyone who is serious about making a Lifestyle change. She really is Awesome and I cannot say enough Good things about her!!!


This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, and responsiveness.

Nikki S. on Thumbtack

Weight Loss Blue Print Consultation

Overcome your health and weight issues and get more energy so you can be more active and feel confident in your life.

During your "Weight Loss Blueprint" consultation we develop a personalized action plan to overcome your weight and health issues and maintain better eating&lifestyle habits.


You will gain awareness about the cause for your weight issues (it’s not what you think it is).


You will get a clear step by step plan and find the energy to turn around eating habits, weight and health issues that will help you quickly to improve your weight and health, so you feel confident and energetic again.


And you will learn how to implement healthy habits, overcome emotional blockages and be held accountable so you can finally break free and live a fulfilled life, feel confident and enjoy your new freedom for the rest of your life.

"I like myself more now. You evolved with me in terms of recognizing what I needed”

Jason P.

"She takes you from where your knowledge of healthy eating currently is to a better understanding. She walks with you through your food choices helping you to find ways to eat healthy no matter the obstacles."

Renee W.

" I am certain that I can keep doing this for the long haul and I feel so much better overall!"

Chris G.

This is what you will get and so much more

Your success plan

  • Goal achievement

    Get super clear on your goals, so you can move quickly to reaching them and sustain your transformation, during those weak moments

  • Overcome root causes

    Find and eliminate the root causes that have prevented you from getting to and keeping the perfect health in the past (they are not what you may think)

  • Implement healthier habits

    Give you a step-by-step plan to repair your systems and implement healthier habits that is easy to implement, even if you travel or have no will power

  • Maintain your ideal weight

    Get a done-for-you personalized protocol based on cutting edge science that gives you a plan forward to healthy weight quickly and keep it that way. This includes and holistic plan and a maintenance that you can keep for the rest of your life

  • Learn healthy skills for keeps

    Learn and improve all the skills needed, no matter if you want to do meal planning, implement mindfulness, manage stress, organize your life or business, overcome trauma and limiting beliefs and so much more. Get handy done-for-you lists, workbooks and resources for you to use during and after our session.

  • Make it easier to succeed

    Understand how to get the best “health-promoting” environment so you remove the temptations and enforce good habits without willpower and cravings. This will make your health journey so much easier

  • Stay on track

    Fears, Limiting beliefs and our mindset is our worst enemy. We will deep dive into what prevented you from succeeding in the past and give you ways to stay on track, no matter what your goals

Client Testimonials

Let's hear what people have to say about working with Wellness Methods

Jen H.

"I truly enjoy the fact that she understands everyone is different and, even in a group setting, will focus on each person's individual need"

Jennifer M.

"Since the beginning my weight was 152. I am 146 today. :) I am excited. I have not seen 145 in about 6 years.. so close! then to continue. I'm finding it easier to pass on sweets now too!"

Elysa C.

"I feel great, no more nausea or bloating, my cravings for sweets and carbs have diminished a lot and I am committed to keeping this weight off, how could I not want to feel this fantastic every day!?"

Karen B.

"She helped me see where my behaviors and habits come from and how to change them. She has also provided so many easy to use and helpful tools along the way."

Melissa S.

"Andrea is responsive, honest, kind, and so supportive and helpful throughout this journey I couldn’t ask for any other person to support me throughout my weight loss.", If you are interested in weight loss and beginning a health journey that will last a lifetime, I highly suggest booking Andrea and her company!"

I lost a total of 15 pounds and feel so much better, look much better, and most of all achieved optimal health.


“My experience with Andrea Caprio was excellent. She motivated me to take action. When I started, I knew I had to do something to change the lack of energy, lack of stamina and the overall good feeling of well being that I lacked in life. She provided me with a balanced diet. She guided me through a tough six week body cleanse that I thought for sure was impossible to achieve. I lost a total of 15 pounds and feel much better, look much better, and most of all achieved optimal health. Each person can do it as well with dedication, direction from Andrea, and by taking one day at a time. I love my new way of life and nutrition and you will also. What are you waiting for! First photo is before I lost the 15 pounds; second photo is after 15 pounds!!!”


- Della Rio, Client

I have been working with Andrea for about 5 months and have had a lot of successes. She has walked me through not only better choices for a healthier more balanced way of eating but also through ways to manage emotional eating.

We have done some deep dives into personal traumas that have been key factors in me sabotaging any forward movement I made (in the past) with being a healthier me. This has been key! We have discussed and implemented new skills to better deal with the emotions that come up on a day to day basis. I no longer turn to food to fill the void or to fill the negative emotions that sometimes come to the surface.

By learning the types of foods that are healthier for me, tracking my foods so that Andrea could point out where I could do better or make improvements, incorporating coping mechanisms for everyday emotions, finding ways to build new habits, and learning that its ok to be perfectly imperfect I have transformed into a healthier woman.

I feel better, my skin looks brighter and my joints no longer hurt. The inflammation I once dealt with is under control. The transformation I have made physically, mentally and spiritually is awesome!
If you are looking for a balanced approached to weight loss, I would recommend Andrea. She is very laid back and easy to work with.

Patricia, Lost 33 pounds after 5 months


Andrea Caprio

Master Transformational Nutrition Coach

As a Certified Master Transformational Nutrition Coach, Digestive and Hormonal Specialist, Weight loss and Emotional Eating Expert, my team of successful transformational nutrition coaches and I, help successful entrepreneurs that are struggling to overcome their health issues, so they can feel finally confident and vibrant in the spotlight. 


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