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You deserve something better, something that works for you because you are unique! Prioritize your health with a personalized meal plan!



Let me take the confusion and frustration out following a new health or diet plan with easy to makes recipes that use simple, fresh ingredients with go-to shopping list and so much more!


Personalized Lifestyle & Meal Plan

A personalized lifestyle & meal plan designed for those who want to address health and weight issues through an adapted nutritious way of eating healthy.

  • Simple, I will help you to choose the correct meal plan, recipes and shopping guide adapted to your health and eating preferences

  • Easy, just simply follow the plan with easy recipes and lifestyle suggestions for a holistic natural approach to healthy living

  • Delicious, I'll help and guide you to modify your personalized plan to satisfy your tastebud and meet your local flavor.

Choose what your body needs!

Your choice for wellness should not be limited!

wellnessmethods - clean eating diet

Clean Eating

A program that includes whole and fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats.

wellnessmethods - detox and cleanse diet

Detox | Cleanse

A program designed to promote overall health and wellbeing, including improving blood lipids, hypertension, and more!

wellnessmethods - elimination diet vegan

Elimination Diet – Vegan

Eliminates foods commonly know to cause food sensitivities, followed by a reintroduction period.

wellnessmethods - healthy heart diet

Hearty Heart

A program designed to promote a healthy heart, that can also be used by those with hypertension or high-cholesterol.

wellnessmethods - Keto diet - ketogenic


A Ketogenic diet consists of 60-75% (or higher) of calories from fat, 15-30% protein, 5-10% carbs and 30g or less of net carbs per day.

wellnessmethods - Paleo diet


This is a classic paleo diet – clean animal proteins, nuts and vegetables
wellnessmethods - Thyroid support diet

Thyroid Support

A Thyroid friendly menu plan that contains legumes (lentils) as well many paleo recipes. Raw cruciferouse vegetables excluded.

wellnessmethods - Low-Sugar support diet


A low-glycemic meal plan designed for clients who are pre-diabetic, have Type II diabetes, inflammatory issues, or those who want to reduce their sugar intake.

wellnessmethods - andrenal - support - diet

Adrenal Support

Designed to support adrenal function. Bone Broth, Miso Broth and Sea vegetables included
wellnessmethods - auto immune paleo diet

Auto-Immune Paleo

Designed for patients and clients with inflammatory issues and autoimmune disorders.

wellnessmethods - anti-candida diet


Designed to eliminate candidiasis. Food with a high-glycemic load are excluded.

wellnessmethods - core restore detox diet

Core Restore Detox

Core Restore from Ortho Molecular Products, a program designed to promote overall health and wellbeing.

wellnessmethods - elimination diet

Elimination Diet

Eliminates foods commonly known to cause food sensitivities, followed by a reintroduction period.

wellnessmethods - food diary diet

Food Diary

Allows clients to track foods they are eating, exercise, body metrics and condition prior to being assigned a plan.

wellnessmethods - GERD diet


A Gut Health diet for patients with acid reflux, heartburn and other digestive issues.

wellnessmethods - healthy eating diet

Healthy Eating

We call this the “starter program,” It encourages consumption of whole and fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, healthy fat

wellnessmethods - Low-FODMAP diet


This Low-FODMAP plan is gluten-free and dairy-free. 

wellnessmethods - Low-Sugar vegetarian diet

Low-Sugar Vegetarian

A program designed to promote a healthy heart, that can also be used by those with hypertension or high-cholesterol

Can't find what you need?

Andrea Caprio is here to help you and guide you with your PERSONALIZED MEAL PLAN 


What Our Customers Say

Like you, they have been trying everything before and failed, until they came here....

After 1 month joining my group coaching program

Since the beginning my weight was 152. I am 146 today. :) I am excited. I have not seen 145 in about 6 years.. so close! then to continue. I'm finding it easier to pass on sweets now too

Rob G.

Before meeting with Andrea, I filled out her questionnaire. Once we had our session she had already reviewed the information and was prepared to ask some follow-up questions and provide suggestions to improve my menu but also to follow up with my doctor.


She also provided excellent resources for me to still enjoy my favorite foods but with a healthy twist. I didn't feel judged but understood and comfortable sharing my concerns with her. The session was an eye-opening experience, which I am grateful to have had with her. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone thinking about incorporating a healthier lifestyle.

Sonia A. Cerezo

This program has helped me a lot. I lost 4 lbs and some inches. My skin has improved, even digestion is better. The best part is my Hemoglobin A1/c is5.8 from 6.2. It feels I am already on the road of healthier me for life time. Thank you so much Andrea😁



Easy, Simple, and Delicious Lifestyle & Meal Plans that are Made for You!

Wellness Methods - Meal Plan - How it works



(1) Consultation to help you decide and plan to reach your health goal

(2) Create a Personalized Health & Wellness Plan that you can follow easily

(3) Data Input in your Mobile App for easy access of your personalized plan with reminders

(4) Engagement and Tracking via the Mobile App where you can easily access the personalized information and track your progress

(5) Communicate between you and I to provide more timely, personalized support where you will be guided with your progress 



Andrea and her team will have a back-end access to all the data in your Mobile App. She will be tracking your progress and analyzing the possible changes that need to be made to your personalized plan to better fit the plan to your needs.

Personalized Lifestyle & Meal Plans

Lifestyle & Meal Plan

Designed for the unique you!

$49 only!

Instead of $197

  • Personalized Plan

  • App

  • Shopping List

  • Recipes

  • Digital Coaching for Support

  • Tracking

  • Supplement Suggestions

  • And much more!

As I told you several weeks ago,I started seeing a nutrition coach in Cascais, Andrea Caprio. I was taken aback a bit when I first saw the beginning of the diet ; a 21 day cleanse which will be up tomorrow. For the 21 day cleanse, I gave up wine, coffee, sweets, bread, and ate lots of chicken, salmon, brown rice and fruits. I am amazed that I have lost eight pounds and now getting accustom to my new lifestyle, in addition my nails have grown and I feel so much more healthy. People tell me that my skin looks radiant and I look younger than I am. ( always good for a woman to hear!) Also I drink 6 to 8 glasses of water and start my day with hot water with lemon! Thanks Andrea!

Sarah Palmisano


Andrea Caprio

Master Transformational Nutrition Coach

As a Master Transformational Nutrition Coach, Weight loss and Emotional Eating Expert, my team and I, help busy people that are struggling to lose 20 pounds or more to overcome emotional eating and slim down to their forever perfect weight so they can feel finally confident and happy. 


Invest in something that WORKS FOR THE UNIQUE YOU!

Become the best version of yourself. Improve your health and well-being by following WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!

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